Guide to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok

Guide to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok

Looking for a place to rent?

There are many condo, apartment, penthouse, individual houses are available throughout Bangkok. Renting a property in Bangkok is easy as there are many units available.

Bear in mind, there is no concept of real-estate agent license in Bangkok. So better to check the agent background or go with recommended agent.

How to search for condo/apartment?

First you need to finalize the area and budget. Obviously property in central will be expensive. As you go far from city center it will be cheaper. Also properties near BTS/MRT will be on higher side. Once you finalize area start looking for property on these online providers. These are most popular websites:

  • DDProperty
  • Hipflat
  • Once you have finalized the listing next step is to visit and see the property. Note: Never trust pictures shown on website. It is advised to visit property before finalizing.

    Visiting Property

    Well there are couple of ways you can do it.

  • Make an appointment with agent or owner
  • Go yourself
  • Make an appointment with agent or owner

    You can get contact number of poster on website. Almost all of them wil provide their mobile number and LINE ID. To get a faster response better call them or send a message on LINE app. Book an appointment with agent. See as much units you can in same day.

    No need to tell you decision instantly to agent. Take your time.

    If you are not satisfied you can book another appointment with agent.

    Note: Lot of properties listed online may be already rented out. But don’t hesitate to contact agent. As same agent can help you to get condo in same building or nearby location.

    Go yourself

    Another way is to make a list of buildings in desired area and walk over. All buildings have reception unit where they will happily show you available units. Most of reception units are manged by Property Management Services.

    I find this way better as reception unit knows about all available units. Sometime reception staff will call agent to show condo to you.

    Reception staff knows how many units are available. They can show you more units in same building then any agent. Sometime it may be opposite.

    What's next after you have finalized a property?

    Well after you have finalized a property. You can decide about when would you like to move.

    If your moving date is lil far you can pay a signing amount to agent or owner.

    Never pay full amount upfront. Pay only small token as booking assurance.

    What to expect on moving date? Is there any deposit?

    On moving date. You will be signing rental contract. Make sure you read all Terms & Conditions. Also cross check all listed item are installed in your condo.

    Make sure you get a copy of all the documents if the text is in Thai, consider getting a translation done.

    On moving date you will be paying Two month rent as deposit + One month rent in advance. Rent is prepaid in Thailand.

    So if your rent is 20,000 you will be paying total 60,000 THB while moving.
    60,000 = 40,000 (Two month rent as deposit) + 20,000 THB (one month rent in advance).

    Is there any deposit?

    Yes, generally owners ask for two months of rent as deposit. Although there is a law for owners to accept only one month rent as deposit. But most of owners don’t follow it. Welcome to real life.

    So if your rent is 20,000 THB deposit will be 40,000 THB. Deposit money is paid when you move in.

    Is rent prepaid or postpaid?

    Rent is prepaid in Thailand.

    What are the things one need to take care while renting?

    There are many instances where Landlord did not refunded security deposit. And tenant can not do much about it. So it is advised to follow this detailed guide by “thethailandlife”.
    Here is link A Renter’s Guide to Apartment/Condo Deposit

    Bon voyage. Happy house hunting.