Laundry service in Bangkok

Laundry service in Bangkok

There is plenty of laundry service in Bangkok. So if you are planning a long term stay, you will need an affordable laundry service.

Lets see how they work. Basically laundry service charges in following ways:

  1. Per pc charge
  2. Per Kg charge
  3. Package

Per pc charge is pretty clear. You can go to laundry shop and see their catalog.

Per Kg charge In general per kg laundry service is charged between 50 - 70 THB per kg. You may have to satisfy minimum criteria of 3-4 KG in a single order.

I tourist area this price may rise to 100 - 120 per kg.

Most of the laundry shops charges extra for pick up and drop off.

Lets talk about Package, I wish someone could have told me about this when I moved to Bangkok. But I figured this lately. So most of the laundry shops do have package.

Lets see a typical package details:

  • Charges: 800 - 1000 THB
  • Number of clothes: 50 - 60 piece
  • Validity: 2 - 3 months (Depends on laundry shop)
  • Includes: Wash, dry and iron
  • Service include home pick up and drop off.
  • If you are not able to use defined number of clothes in specified time. It will be forfeited. You have to purchase a fresh package from laundry shop.

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