Drinking water supplier in Bangkok

Drinking water supplier in Bangkok

Looking for drinking water suppliers in Bangkok? Tired of purchasing 5 liter bottle form 7/11?

Don’t worry, I will guide you through drinking water suppliers. These suppliers do door step delivery of 19 liter water bottle.

There are two mega players as of now.

  1. Sprinkle
  2. Singha

Let’s go through some FAQ’s, as both Sprinkle and Singha works in same way:

Q. How does it work?
Both suppliers work based on membership. So you have to purchase a set of coupon in advance and pay upfront. In addition to that you will be paying security deposit of 200 THB per bottle, minimum 3 water bottle.
With Sprinkle you have choice of 12/24 set of coupon.
With Singha you have choice of 10/20 set of coupon.
Security deposit is fully refundable when you opt out of membership.
Q. How much liter?
Both delivers 19 liter water bottle.
Q. When do they deliver?
They will deliver once in a week depending on area. They will inform you which particular day they will be delivering in your area.
Q. Does customer care speak English?
Yes, they do.
Q. How to pay?
You can either call and book the service and pay cash. Or you can pay online on their respective website.


Sprinkle is most popular and widely used drinking water provider in Bangkok. I am using Sprinkle form last 2 years and I would strongly recommend their service.

Below you can see membership plan (Image courtesy : Sprinkle Website)

Go to their website for more details Sprinkle Website

Ending note: Sprinkle is most popular and widely use water provider in Bangkok. Their customer support is good too. Choose any one of the above and you are good to go.